Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stephen Jackson threatens to go in Serge Ibaka's mouth.

We all know Stephen Jackson and Metta World Peace are bros, they played in Indiana together when MWP was still Ron Artest. They went through Malice in Palace together, and even though Stephen Jackson knew he was putting his NBA career in danger, he still fought with Ron Artest because he protects his family.

So when Serge Ibaka got a little too close in MWP's mug, Captain Jack took upon twitter to call him out.

While Jackson is not the most physically intimidating player compared to the likes of Ibaka, he is a real scrappy dude and everyone he played with have all said they wouldn't want to be on the opposite side in a fight. I have seen him beat dudes to a pulp and would never doubt his abilities, but if I was Serge Ibaka how are you suppose to be scared of a guy that admitted his guilty pleasure song was Ashlee Simpsons' pieces of me.

For real. That is actually what he said in the recent interview with ESPN. And apparently he listens to it right before games. My whole world just exploded, along with the coffee that I spewed out of my mouth when I read the article. I can not believe this, a guy that got into a club fight, hit by a car at 45 mph, lost all his teeth and had plastic surgery on his lip without anesthesia listens to Ashlee Simpson to relax before games. Excuse me while I curl up into a ball and allow this emotional roller coaster that I am experience to sit for a minute.

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