Thursday, December 6, 2012

Roy Hibbert pulled his shorts up to hide blood on his jersey to stay in the game.

Normally, when a player has blood on himself or jersey, the officials will stop the game to get you cleaned up. If you don't get done in the 30 seconds they issue, the coach can call a 20 second timeout, at worst, they will bring in a substitute.

It was a critical situation, the Pacers, who once led by 18 points were pushed back in the corner by the Blazer's 21-9 run. Roy Hibbert did not want sit because it would mean Ian Mahinmi coming back in and that is not happening. So when no one was watching, he pulled up his shorts to tug in the part of his jersey that was stained by Damian Lillard's blood. Everything worked out and the Pacers got the win.

He didn't go full Urkel, but it sure was weird look for a 7 footer. The plan didn't actually work, well it did in that sequence, but the refs caught him in the next possession and he had to get cleaned up anyways.

 Source: BDL

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