Monday, December 3, 2012

Rasheed Wallace gets ejected, because "Ball Don't Lie."

I guess you can't yell all you want Sheed, especially not after messing up Luis Scola's beautiful locks. Everything about this was awesome, you knew Sheed was going give us another "Ball Don't Lie" to treasure, because the man never disappoint fans. He clearly knew he was going to get ejected if he did anything stupid (by stupid, I obviously mean great) during the heat of the moment, but he yelled anyway. And of course he wasn't even close to being done, Sheed can only leave games in the one fashion, something he will be forever remembered for - mouthing off and death staring refs as he exits the arena.

Oh, did I mention this was his first ejection after returning to the NBA and it took only 85 seconds? Now, this is a real welcome back.

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