Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mike D'Anotni is pissed off, gets worked up over Lakers' defense.

UHHHHHH, the Lakers are screwed up - Mike D'Antoni.

I love how quick he realized 30 minutes was not the right answer and just explodes to get himself out of it. In all seriousness though, as explained previously, Mike D'Antoni has put himself into a situation where his system can't succeed, Nash is not the answer and things don't look good after this loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I mean, if CJ Miles scores 28 points on you after averaging 8 prior to this game and has not looked anything like himself, you have problems on defense. Just look the D'Antoni struggle faces.

David Richard - USA TODAY Sports
The only thing left for Pringles to do is to get the Phoenix medical staff over to LA to fix Dwight Howard's back and Nash's leg.

If not then,

Bernie Maybe?

Or Play Defense?

Source: SB Nation

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