Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kevin Love and the Minnesota Timberwolves seduces the ladies with the Saxophone.

Did your underwear drop yet? Or have you decided to pause the overflow of sexuality that is playing on your computer screen to read the words I type, as my mind continuous replays Nikola Pekovic's hynoptic nods. I am not too sure that this is an actual effective advertisement for charity because you would be lying to yourself if you did not zone out by the time the music stops. On the other hand, I could be totally wrong, maybe the pure saturation of testosterone in the video, combined with sounds of the saxophone facilitates coat removals.

One question still bothers me though, how and why is Ricky Rubio not in the video? A Spanish basketball player with handsome boy band looks is all the rage right now. Scratch that, the Timberwolves should totally form a boy band, they already have the right people. Did you know Kevin Love is actually the nephew of the Beach Boys? His Dad is the older brother of Mike Love and the cousin of Wilsons.

This is perfect, for purposes unknown, I am going to compare them to 'N Sync. Kevin Love would obviously be Justin Timberlake, they are just best of the group. Ricky Rubio is JC Chasez since he is the second most talented. Nikola Pekovic will take on Joey Fatone for bodily reasons. Andrei Kirilenko and Lance Bass is similar only due to the fact the latter wanted to space travel (wikipedia) and AK's face is on the moon in that video. JJ Barea is Chris Kirkpatrick because they were both on successful teams (Barea won a championship with the Mavs in 2011) and will probably never be remembered.

If you have better comparisons, please enlighten me.

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