Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kevin Garnett didn't get a single rebound against the 76ers, and he wasn't too happy about it.

In the second of the weird back to back game with 76ers, Kevin Garnett had 19 points (9 of 11 from the field) and ZERO rebounds. The last time that happened was in 97', which is about 1,160 games ago. When he found out that a statistician did not give him a rebound he thought he had in the first quarter, you can probably guess that he was not too happy about it. (Skip to 1:25 for his rant).

Besides that Craig Sager moment, I never thought Kevin Garnett was one of the funny dudes in the NBA. He just seems so intense all the time, maybe he wasn't joking, maybe the statistician is in a wheel chair because he didn't give in to KG's petty demands, I don't know. He does watch a lot of Family Guy, so I can imagine the violence and gore would subliminally affect him.

Via: BYB

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