Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coach Greg Popovich is burdened by Stephen Jackson, because "all he does is Twitters."

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If you know anything about Stephen Jackson, it is his temper and reputation of being a head case that clashes with all the coaches he has ever had, with the exception of one. Out of every person (maybe Nellie in that miraculous 07' run) that had Jackson in his roster, only Greg Popovich managed to keep him under control and make him into an effective member off the bench. But as good as things goes, it doesn't always mean they don't get into each other faces.

From Dwain Price of Full Court Press:
San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was doing an interview after this morning's shoot around at the American Airlines Center when he looked over and saw forward Stephen Jackson typing something on his cell phone.

"Jack's a pain in the (butt),'' Popovich said. "Look at him, all he does is twitters.

"He's twittering some stuff right now that'll probably get him fined, and then I've got to call the league and talk to the league and say, 'Yeah, I talked to him.' ''
I believe the correct term is "tweeting." I want to him get his terms right just in case he decides to get on this social media platform and make everyone's day with 140 characters or less. It would be the greatest account created. Imagine him responding to the Jackson's threat to Serge Ibaka, the comedic potential is endless. He can even use the millions of Coach Pop's reaction .GIFs to reply to everything, thus taking his media trolling to a whole new level.

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Jackson then chimed in and said: "It's not Twitter. It's Instagram.''
Just because the two cut ties on their once successful partnership, doesn't mean it is not basically the same thing. Besides (if you follow him on twitter) all he does with instagram is taking screenshots of a daily prayer he wrote/find and of course the occasional trask talking that have stopped as of late.

The Spurs are the most exciting on and off court team of the NBA. Please never change.

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