Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tracking the growth of Andrew Bynum's hair.

Via @BeyondtheBuzzer

1. Pre-Dwight Howard trade. Happy and so innocent.

2. Post Trade depression. "I will just grow it a little, need a new look as the main man."

3. Stress. "I can't play until January, might as well hit the bong."

4. So the Lakers got Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. And all I have is Spencer Hawes with his stupid mullet, trying to convince me to remake a 60's white cop, black cop detective movie.

5. Denial. "So I am actually playing for the 76ers now, and the Lakers just got Mike D'Antoni. Are you kidding me? I could have been able to jack up ALL OF THE THREES."

6. Watched a little bit of too much Boondocks, felt like he and Huey had the same amount of maturity, so he tried to look the part.

7. My name is a Pimp named Slick Back. You say the whole thing, like "A Tribed Called Quest."

8. Trolling. "Twitter must be loving this right now."

BEST HAIR EVER. (Via @jose3030)

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