Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Round Up - November 7th, 2012.

Stats Rundown:

Gregg Monroe returns at the top of the list with a trible double tonight against the Sacramento Kings, with 21 points 12 rebounds and 11 assists in the loss.

Honorable Mentions: Michael Beasley has been awakened, Mr. Shoot-a-lot, scored 21 points, grabbed 15 boards, dished out 7 dimes and blocked 3 shots in the victory over Charlotte Bobcats.

Board Monster: Al-Farouq Aminu grabbed 16 boards in the Hornet's loss to the 76ers. Kenneth "The Manimal" Faried also grabbed 16 boards, to go with his 16 points in Nugget's victory over the Houston Rockets.

Dishin': Rajon Rondo had 14 times in the overtime victory over the Washington Wizards.

Thief: Jeremy Lin jacked the Denver Nuggets 6 times in the loss.

Butter Fingers: Both Deron Williams and Jrue Holiday didn't take care of the rock, losing it 7 times.

Rookie Watch: Bradley Beal finished with 16 points and 4 rebounds in a loss to the Boston Celtics in overtime.

Time Machine User: Just the regular, Kobe Bryant carrying the Lakers in the loss to Utah Jazz with 29 points and 5 rebounds.

Not a good day: Tim Duncan was filmed giving the bird to a woman that was taking footage of him walking out of CVS with groceries. Add that with the blow out loss to the Clippers, TD is not having a great day.

Dead Last: The Lakers have the worst record (1 -4)in the Western Conference.
Eddie Jordan is still having the time of his life because his Princeton offense is not the problem.

 Nnd Kobe is about to strangle Mike Brown.

Don't Call it a Come Back: The Atlanta Hawks outscored the Pacers 24 to 9 in the 4th quarter to get the 89 to 86 victory.

Denied: Coach Tyrone Corbin didn't give Randy Foye any love, I don't blame him, when someone makes a big shot, gets sweat all over your suit, you don't do anything but look pissed.

Ejected: Thomas Robinson elbowed Jonas Jerebko for no reason.

Flop Alert: We will see how the NBA will punish their star players. I wondered who punched his face, looks like he took a huge hit there.

Trick-Tricks: Jamal Crawford thoroughly embarrassing Nando De Colo.

Moment of the Night: DeAndre jordan giving us not one but two "WTF's," in reaction to Jamal Crawford's street ball move.

Red Head Bro on Red Head Bro Hate: With the rare amount of Red Headed Dudes left in the league (RIP Brian Scalabrine), you would think they would be all bros. But Blake Griffin got no love for fellow bro.

 Old Man Tricks: Paul Pierce find his fellow old dude Kevin Garnett with a very necessary 180.

Highlight of the Night: I told you Andre Miller is the best alley-oop passer, forget the Manimal, that pass was on point.

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