Monday, November 5, 2012

The Round Up - November 4th, 2012

Stats Rundown:

Dwight Howard did a little bit of everything in his first victory in a Lakers uniform, finishing with 28 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks. Honorable mention to Kevin Martin who is not going to let the Beard out do him, scoring 28 points in the loss to the Hawks.

Board Monster: Nikola Vucevic used his magical touch to grab 13 rebounds in a surprise blow out of the Phoenix Suns. Who would have thought they would be on the other end and have a 2 game win streak.

Thief: Steve Blake who usually turns the ball over, got 5 steals today. So that's basically why the Lakers won today.

Butter Fingers: Kevin Durant was 2 assists shy of his first triple double, and was 4 turnovers away from a quadruple double. Jrue Holiday also lost the basketball 6 times today.

Rookie Watch:
Damian Lillard did not play today, therefore no one is deserving of this honor. (Alexey Shved got 8 points, and I know you don't care)

Time Machine User:
I guess Kobe Bryant didn't need his knee to be German treated, because he has been ballin'. In the first Lakers victory of the season, the Black Mamba scored 15 points, dished 8 dimes and grabbed 7 boards in the destruction of the poor Pistons.

Best Hair: Andrew Bynum showing us how to never change and be yourself, no matter how much money you get, you stick to your roots and remain HOBO (get it? I changed it from humble to hobo because he looks like one, haha I am sorry).
From @jemelehill:

Whoops: Dante Cunningham heel kicked J.J. Barea's forehead while going for a rebound. Tests confirmed he gave his own teammate a mild concussion. Two concussions in the last 4 days, when did I start watching football?

My Bad: Russell Westbrook saved the basketball from out of bounds under his own basket for a hustle play, too bad it didn't really work out because Al "weird ears" Horford caught it and dunked it. (Will update with video)

This must have been his reaction:

Who is this Melo person and why is he actually playing defense?

Highlight of the Night: Jeff Teague only knows one dunk and this time he did it properly.

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