Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Round Up - November 21st, 2012.

Stats Rundown:

Fourteen basketball games was tough to handle, but I am not complaining. Lots of records broken today and even more surprises.

Kevin Love returned 2 weeks early from the hand injury he suffered from doing knuckle push ups, and did not miss a beat. 34 points (12 of 25 shooting), 14 rebounds and a block in the loss to the Denver Nuggets.

Shout outs: Kevin Durant had 35 points in the overtime win over the Los Angeles Clippers, LeBron with another near triple double, 28 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists.

Over-performer: Jeremy Pargo stepped up for the Cleveland Cavaliers in place of Kyrie Irving and played a very Kyrie Irving game. 28 points (11-19 shooting), 5 rebounds, 4 assists and a steal in the win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Board Monster: Anderson Varejoa is back, 19 boards, 7 of which were offensive against the Sixers.

Dishin': Rajon Rondo had 15 assists and 22 points in the loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Good news is that he kept his double digit assist streak to 35 and is 2 away from tying John Stockton's 37, 11 away from Magic Johnson's 46.

Block Party: Roy Hibbert has found his groove against weaker teams, registering his first career triple double with 10 points, 11 rebounds and 11 BLOCKS.

Victimized: Robin Lopez was on the receiving end, getting blocked a brutally 7 times. Maybe the hair is making it hard to see that there are guys in front of him.

Rookie Watch: Damian Lillard back at the top, 24 points (7 of 13 shooting) in the loss to the Phoenix Suns.

Honorable Mentions: John Henson came out of no where with 17 points (7-12 shooting), and 18 rebounds (8 offensive) for the Milwaukee Bucks in the overtime loss to the Miami Heat.

Jonas Valanciunas got 16 points (8 of 11 shooting) and 10 rebounds in the loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.

Time Machine User: More Kobe Bryant, 38 points (11 of 20 shooting), but he had 7 turnovers in the loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Tim Duncan killed his rival, Kevin Garnett's team, scoring 20 points (7 of 12 shooting) and grabbing 15 rebounds.

Franchise Records: Udonis Haslem surpassed Alonzo Mourning as the Miami Heat's franchise leader in rebounding. He also becomes the first undrafted player to lead a franchise in rebounding.

Two records broken for the Indiana Pacers today. Paul George scoring a new career high 37 points, 27 of which were from 9 three pointers, beating the three points made record set by Reggie Miller (8) by one.

Roy Hibbert's 11 blocked shots set a new record as well.

Losers: The Washington Wizards lost again, they are now 0-10 thanks to the game winning three pointer from Kyle Korver. Nene isn't too happy that he came back for another loss.

When Josh Smith got his sixth foul, and realized that he might lose to the Wizards, he couldn't help but get a little watery-eyed.

Instead we got a Josh happy face, waving off a late game winning basket by the Wizards.

Flop Fining: Of course it is Reggie Evans that is the first to be fined by the NBA, I wouldn't have guessed any one else. There goes 5,000 smackers.

Poor Pistons: The Orlando Magic held the Detroit Pistons to only 8 points in the third quarter, greatest battle in the East.

Unhappy Birthday: Larry Sanders of the Milwaukee Bucks turned 24 today and the referees gave him an ejection for a present in 6 minutes of play, they are too kind.

No Second Chances: The Boston Celtics did not get a single offensive rebound until the 1:21  mark in the 4th Quarter. Brandon Bass's tip in prevented a record that the Celtics would not want on their glorious resume.

Senior Citizen Awards: We got former teammates going at each other, Vince Carter scored 25 points off the bench in only 23 minutes. Jason Kidd had 17 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals in the loss for the Knicks, he is still really good.
Jermaine O'neal is still playing basketball, he scored 17 points and grabbed 5 boards off the bench in the blowout victory over the Portland Trail Blazers, who are obviously doing something wrong to allow a 7,000 year old score double digits on you.

Too much fun: This young Atlanta Hawks might be enjoying his time at the game a little too much. (Via: SB Nation)

The best part is that he is actually Al Horford's little brother, he is definitely exercising his VIP rights. The kid gave the a pretty suitable reaction, a little something Ice Cube and Chris Tucker knows about.

Highlight of the Night: Samuel Dalembert got eyes in the back of his head, or maybe he saw Monta Ellis cutting, I think the eyes are way more sensible.

Game Winner: Dominique Wilkins is the real wizard, he knew that ball was going in and called it.

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