Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Round Up - November 13th, 2012.

Stats Rundown:

It is all Cleveland today, Anderson Varejao dropped 35 points and grabbed 18 rebounds in the loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Honorable Mention: Kyrie Irving scored 34 points for a new career high and had 8 assists to go with it.

Board Monster: Anderson Varejao's hair.

Dishin': Jose Calderon gets his first career triple double today, 13 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds against the Indiana Pacers.

Thieves: The San Antonio stole a total of 13 cookies in the victory over the Los Angeles Lakers.

Butter Fingers: Arron Affalo lost the ball 7 times for the Orlando Magic in the loss to the New York Knicks. Does Kendrick Lamar still want to be you now?

Rookie Watch: Damian Lillard returns to the top again, with 22 points (7 of 10 shooting), 9 assists and the W in Sacramento.

Time Machine User: Kobe Bryant scored 28 points and dished out 8 dimes in the loss to his fellow old pals that play for the San Antonio Spurs.

SHEEEEEDDDD: Just Sheed yelling nonsense after Arron Affalo's free throw miss. I am Canadian, but if I am not mistaken, Aflac is a duck that likes to interrupt College Football game broadcasts. What happened to good ol' "Ball Don't Lie."

Whoops: An Orlando Magic Aerial specialist (cheerleader) fell during her stunts.

Raptor Pains (and Gains): The Raptors scored only one field goal and 5 points in the 4th quarter, but still managed to get the win over the Indiana Pacers. Things are not looking good for the Granger-less Pacers.

Highlight of the Night: Just Kyrie Irving messing with your defense.

Game Winner: Danny Green hits the game winning three right in Kobe Bryant's mug.

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