Friday, November 9, 2012

The Feed: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Chicago Bulls [11/08/12]


The Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Chicago Bulls 97 to 91, in a grind out at the United Center. This is one of those games where, both teams played well, kept it close to the end and the Superstar emerged in the final minutes to close out the battle. Kevin Durant started off slow, scoring 10 of his 24 points in the first half. It definitely didn't help that Bad Russ was unleashed, hitting only 7 of his 22 shot attempts for 16 points, but he did manage to dish out 12 assists, which included a few big plays that changed the game.

Serge Ibaka led the Thunder early with 15 of his 21 points in just the 1st half of play, taking advantage of Carlos Boozer's late rotations, he became nearly unstoppable. Under Tom Thibodeau, the disciplined Bulls stepped up the in the second half on both ends on the floor. In the third quarter, Chicago went on a 11 to nothing run, where OKC shot 0-7 to give them the lead in the before the start of the 4th.

Oklahoma returned the favor, holding the Bulls to 19 points in the fourth, while scoring 31 points. They dominated Chicago in the paint outscoring them 46 to 34. In the absence of Derrick Rose, the Bulls had to rely on jumpers from Luol Deng (27 points) and Richard Hamiliton (20 points) to keep them in the game. Unfortunately the shots didn't fall late in the quarter and Kevin Durant sealed the victory with a couple of clutch baskets.

Offensive End:

The Bulls without Derrick Rose relies on good ball movement to create shots, they will usually have the guard run a pick and roll to assess the situation, if there are opportunities, they will find it. Their most effective play is running Rip Hamilton (or other players) through double screens to cross from wing to wing, this will not only disrupt the defense, it will open guys up. If Noah gets the ball in the post, he is very patient with it, he is a great passer and will find the cutter.

The Stars of OKC draws the attention of the defense to find open man. As always Westbrook and Ibaka high pick and roll will produce results, especially when Boozer is on Serge, because his snail like speed to recover on his defender, gave up easy 15 footers for Air Congo.

Defensive End:

Both teams were good in the defensive end in first half, but that all disappeared in the second, where each team suffered defensive lapses in different quarters. The turnovers really hurt each team's play, as they combined for a total of 43 turonvers (21 Bulls, 22 Thunder).

Chicago is rotate well with the exception of Carlos Boozer, they are quick to trap and challenge shots.
Ibaka does wonders for the Thunder in the paint, he got 4 blocks tonight. They like to pack in the paint, so they are a bit slower to get out on the shooters.

The Moment: Serge Ibaka planted a little kiss on Russell Westbrook's head before the start of the game, and it resulted in a hilarious shocked reaction.

Dude, gross. - Russell Westbrook.

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