Thursday, November 1, 2012

The entire Clippers team dressed as Men in Black for Halloween.

This is the laziest Halloween costume idea ever, these are the ones people come up with when they want free candy, but don't really want to wear a real costume. I know this for a fact, because I tried it myself when I was 15, except I used a broken end of a hockey stick with electric tape as that thing they use to erase people's memory, the neuralyzer thing. It is unacceptable for NBA players who are suppose to wear suits to basketball games and later use them as "costumes."

Pretty sure Snoop Lion is a Lakers fan, maybe he saw the Portland game and realized this 4 all-star on the team is not really working out.

I am guessing, since Matt Barnes was suspended, he didn't get the memo and decided to go with the super original Joker, because no one has done it yet.

Source: Beyond the Buzzer

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