Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dwyane Wade took skinny jeans to a whole new level.

Remember when Dwyane Wade crowned himself as the best dressed player in the NBA? Well, I did and I held him to it. And it has been nothing but disappointment ever since. He completely ditched the weird socks and wore TOMS (not sure, they look like them anyway). No self respecting man should wear TOMS, no wonder Jordan Brand dropped you!  Don't even get me started on those skinny jeans, how can one fit into that, dude looks like he is wearing spandex. If you look at the picture and cover his head, there is no doubt on my mind that, you would all think it is a woman in those photos. For God's sake, please bring back the Hip-Hop influenced NBA from the 90's, poor Dwyane can barely walk in those pants without using the chairs as support.

Source: @KingJames

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