Monday, October 15, 2012

The Golden State Warriors's Rookie Initiation is always fun.

The Golden State Warriors always welcome the fans in their open practice with either a song or a dance, this year we get the best of both worlds. Their rookies in the past have been way too shy and unwilling to participate, but these new guys know how to put on a show. 

I will list some key highlights for those who are too lazy to watch the entire video.
  • Kent Bazemore seems like the funnest guy ever, busting out to weird dance moves at every opportunity. Can't wait for his candidacy for the best bench reaction award. Ronny Turiaf is tough to beat.
  • At one point, someone busts out with Usher's Nice and Slow, if you ever heard of it it, I am sure that it is very appropriate at a family filled event.
  • Gangnam Style is still a thing.
Just a heads up, rapping is NOT okay and should not be tolerated when everyone else sang.

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