Monday, October 29, 2012

Spurs wins the NBA Halloween Costume Contest.

Who would have thought that a team that Popovich coaches and led my Tim Duncan would win a costume contest. No one would have ever thought the Spurs would even dress up for Halloween, but here are the pictures proving me wrong.

Two kickasses? Is it that really necessary to have two heroes that have zero super powers and mediocre combat skills?
Of course, Tim Duncan is the punisher, how Tim Duncan of him to recycle his costume ideas. We already saw him earlier this year with a punisher knee brace, I wonder if he is wearing it.

Zorro is Spanish, Ginobili speaks Spanish, so therefore it is a perfect fit. What would be better is a Bat exterminator costume, because we all saw Manu smacking the living crap out of that unlucky bat at the AT&T Center.
Guess someone didn't get the memo, it is the number one rule at any Halloween costume party, never show up in the same costume. If anything, Stephen Jackson is the best joker, I mean who else has a similar personality as the Joker than Stak5? Tiago, you should have stuck with the Usain Bolt costume you planned.

 Happy Halloween, I have saved the scariest picture for last.

Hope you can sleep well tonight!

Source: @DaTrillStak5

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