Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NBA: Where you have 90 seconds for a handshake.

Well, this came out of no where. Apparently the NBA is tired of starting games later than allotted, so David Stern decides to put his tyrannical power to work.

From PBT:
From the time pregame introductions end, teams will have 90 seconds to return to the court and be ready for the opening tip.
Basically, this means no more pre-game rituals, no more silly handshakes and no more dancing.
I for one absolutely hate this, those rituals are something fans love and try to imitate. Removing them for casual watchers is just not fair.

This really hits hard, where am I going to get my .GIF fixes now?

Sources: PBT  and PurpleandYellow Tumblr (Picture)

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