Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kobe is getting old, but never forgets.

Kobe have been contemplating to retire after his contract expires after the 2013 - 2014 season. He wasn't sure he would still have the drive to keep going for another year after the contract expires, taking him to the age of 36.

The Black Mamba have been preying on his opponents in the NBA for 17 years now, and it is finally showing. First, it is an universal fact that Kobe got his knees the first German platelet rich plasma therapy, which he made famous. It is unknown however, if there are actually volkswagen parts in him. This is highly doubted, because there have been no news of Kobe being held in the airport since the procedure, well, at least not yet.

And now, we have the 1997 Slam Dunk Champion straining his shoulder in practice, during a poster session with Antawn Jamison.

From ESPN:
Bryant said he thinks he hurt the shoulder Tuesday during practice when he dunked over teammate Antawn Jamison. He said he didn't feel pain at that point and continued to finish the practice. 
Here is the video of the dunks, not sure which one cost the injury:

Yes, we are now living in a world where Kobe gets hurt in a non-contested dunk. That is the circle of life, people get old and move on. But not the Mamba, coming back this summer with his own super team doesn't let him forget about his worst year in Los Angeles.

From Yahoo's BDL:
"I almost won an MVP with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown on my team," Bryant said before Wednesday's 93-75 exhibition loss to Portland. "I was shooting 45 times a game. What was I supposed to do? Pass it to Chris Mihm or Kwame Brown?"

 Bryant was referring to 2005-06 when the Lakers' roster included Brian Cook, Stanislav Medvedenko, Devean George and Parker, Mihm and Brown.
 Bryant continued, taking aim at his favorite whipping boy, Parker, calling him "the worst. He shouldn't have been in the NBA but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. So we let him walk on."
Those words are probably the most Kobe Bryant thing ever. Blaming his teammates for everything, and not so humble bragging about his success. Mario Chalmers should be glad he is on the Heat and getting occasionally yelled at by LeBron, can't imagine what Kobe would have done.

Sources: Listed above.

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