Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kobe Bryant doesn't like losing to kids. Scarred DeMar MeRozan.

Photo by Michael Peake/Toronto Sun
If you have watched any of  Kobe's youth basketball camps in the summer on youtube, you probably know that there was never a time the Mamba will let a little kid win. It gets even worst if you are older. If you are in your teens, not only will Kobe completely destroy your desire to continue to play basketball, he will trash talk and straight up embarrass you. For those who are still in disbelief of what you are reading, I have found evidence that the 5 time NBA champion do, do such things.

In a recent interview, DeMar DeRozan who grew up in LA, talked about the traumatic experience of playing Kobe at the tender age of 15.

From the National Post:
Was he trash talking a 15-year-old kid?
Was he? A little bit. Every time he got scored on, he really didn’t like that too much. It was cool, though.
Is it really cool DeMar? Then why do you have an average of 34% FG when you played against him in the last 2 seasons, when uou normally hit your shots in the mid 40's range. It's okay to confess, after all what else do bloggers like me have to do in the off season then investigate a story that is probably a fiction.

Man, I am gonna miss Kobe when he retires, we will never have another person who hates to lose with every single fiber of his living body.

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