Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kevin Garnett watches Family Guy before games.

In the latest Bill Simmons Report podcast, Brian Scalabrine AKA the "White Mamba" talked about what it was like playing with Kevin Garnett. Everyone knows that KG is a feared competitor with a mean stare and intensity that can make his opponents feel like they don't belong in the league. He even made his own team mate Glen "Big Baby" Davis cry in a game once. But according to Scal, Garnett actually has a chill bro switch, that allows him to joke around and watch family guy before games. This is a huge surprise, if this is true, I am assuming, that he only watches the episodes that involves Stewie trying to fight/kill someone because what else can get him to that mentality and win those "BAR FIGHTS."

Source: B.S. Report

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